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Welcome to Holy Hip Hop. Our Mission is to Take the Gospel to the Streets through the global proliferation of Spiritually-Enlightening Holy Hip Hop Ministry, Music & Entertainment Glorifying the LORD.  We appreciate you visiting us. Thank you for your Prayers and Support. May GOD Bless you always.
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"Holy Hip Hop (DVD) (March 21, 2006 Release Date), Distributed Worldwide By Maverick Entertainment, Film Synopsis and Sample Retail Outlets"

February 22, 2006 -(Film Synopsis)- Fasten your seatbelt and prepare to experience the explosive world of Spiritually-Enlightening Holy Hip Hop Ministry, Music and Entertainment Glorifying GOD!!!

Director and producer Christopher Martin professionally known as ‘Play’ from the rap and acting duo Kid 'n Play is the feature's host and invites you to meet some of Holy Hip Hop's trail blazin artists and Ministers of the Gospel, who are a part of a movement that began in the late 1980’s and thrives today worldwide as one of the fastest growing music genres today, with over 2000 active emcees and legions of fans worldwide.

Peep this video and see what these souled out Christian souljahs for the LORD are doing to change the face of music for generations to come with powerful lyrics and bangin beats - and bringin the Truth. A must see video for any ardent lover of music who wants to be tuned in to the cutting edge, whether you are within or outside the four walls of the Church (even if you are a naysayer or non-believer).

What you will experience is sure to make you bob your head and stomp your feet and provide you with a new appreciation of the bold power of Hip Hop Ministry and how it is being used (24/7) by Ministers of the Gospel as a powerful and potent tool to spread the truth and uplift and positively impact the community, youth, and adults worldwide for generations to come!!!

Just when we thought we've seen it all, it's time to experience Holy Hip Hop where He, no doubt, Saved the Best for Last!


Thank you to the entire Global Holy Hip Hop and Gospel Community for your feedback over the years  and requests for additional retail information. In response to your request, please find within this web-page helpful store locations and product listing links for your use and to share with family and friends-to be copied, printed or forwarded, as you deem necessary, so as to assist you in ordering the March 21, 2006 DVD Release Titled: Holy Hip Hop. Below you will find Traditional Retail Store ordering and rental options (e.g.: Blockbuster Video, Movie Gallery, NetFlix, Hollywood Video, etc.); and Internet Store ordering options. Special Note: Please also be sure to try your local Independent Record Store, Retail Store or Video Store (Christian or General Market), as these smaller mom and pop stores, although not all listed below, also may stock the Holy Hip Hop DVD.

Further Questions or to report a store out-of-stock: (1) speak to the store manager and ask where product is or when will be re-stocked; or (2) email: amenfilms@yahoo.com -for additional support and be sure to provide: City, State, Zip Code, and Store Number, for follow-up purposes, and a music representative will help you to find a store near you or assist in completing your purchase. Thank you for your blessings, prayers and support, as your efforts are instrumental in proliferating the Gospel worldwide!!!

Please see below sample Listings of several Christian and General Market Retail Partners that you may be able to purchase, either via the Internet or In-Store based on stocking and availability, a copy of the March 21, 2006 DVD Release Titled:  'Holy Hip Hop'. Please also use the StoreFinder Links below (for each individual retail outlet) and you can call all stores in advance and confirm, prior to visiting that the DVD is at a store near, in-stock and available. You can find store address and phone number information for the stores listed below. Alternatively, you can use any of the DVD web-pages for: Holy Hip Hop (see below) and order the DVD via the Internet (24/7), so you have multiple ways to purchase this CD for your convenience. Thank you for for supporting the Holy Hip Hop DVD Release, as well as using it as a tool for evangelism and outreach within your communities worldwide:

A. INTERNET RETAIL STORES (Prefer Online-Shopping-Order Today!!!):

BlockBuster.com:  Order Holy Hip Hop (DVD) at BlockBuster.Com (Click here)

2. J&R.com:  Order Holy Hip Hop (DVD) at J&R.Com (Click here)

3. VideoUniverse.com: Order Holy Hip Hop (DVD) at CDUniverse.Com (Click here)

4. BestPrices.com: Order Holy Hip Hop (DVD) at BestPrices.Com (Click here)


4. Blockbuster Video Stores:   Find a Blockbuster Video Store Near You (Click here)

5.  Hollywood Video:   Find a Hollywood Video Store Near You (Click here)

C. RETAIL STORES (Buy DVD Online or In-Stores):

6. Best Buy: Order Holy Hip Hop (DVD) at BestBuy.Com (Click here) - Find a Best Buy Store Near You (Click here)

7.  Circuit City:  Order Holy Hip Hop (DVD) at CircuitCity.Com (Click here) - Find a Circuit City Store Near You (Click here)

8. Wal-Mart:   Order Holy Hip Hop (DVD) at WalMart.Com (Click here): - Holy Hip Hop DVD -- Coming Soon to Wal-Mart!!! (Stay Tuned!!!)-Find a Wal-Mart Store Near You (Click here

D. INTERNET RENTAL ONLY STORES (For Those Who On-line Movie Rental):

9. NetFlix.com:  Check Out Holy Hip Hop (DVD) at NetFlix.Com (Click here)

Here's what Critics have to say:

"Absolutely Stunning Footage...First-Class Production From Beginning to End...A Must See Video For The Entire Family!" Inspirational Video Today

"Play proves Once Again That He Hasn't Lost His Touch And Why He Is A Trailblazer And Always On The Forefront and Cutting Edge of The Hip-Hop Movement." Gospel News Central

"Not Your Average House Party...Moving, Exhilarating and Inspirational...A Revival Is Truly Coming To The Church and Hip-Hop Communities." Hip-Hop Music Insider



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'HOLY HIP HOP' DVD Release In-Stores (Retail & Video-Stores WorldWide):

March 21, 2006

Distributed Worldwide By: Maverick Entertainment

Holy Hip Hop (DVD) StoreFinder Page), Click Here: (StoreFinder)

Watch The Holy Hip Hop DVD Trailer (Windows Media and RealPlayer Formats):

1. For WindowsMedia Player: To View 'Holy Hip Hop DVD' Trailer, Click Here: See Video --or click/copy/paste the following link into web-browser: http://holyhiphop.com/video/winmedia.wmv

2. For RealPlayer:  To View 'Holy Hip Hop DVD' Trailer, Click Here: See Video--or click/copy/paste the following link into web-browser: http://holyhiphop.com/video/realplayer.rm  

DVD Title:        Holy Hip Hop

Label:                Maverick Spirit

Release Date:     March 21, 2006

Director:            Christopher Martin

Runtime:             82 mins

Country:             USA

DVD Features:    5.1 Surround Sound, Interactive Menus, Scene Selections, Trailers


About Amen Films, Inc.:
Amen Films, is an Atlanta-based Film and Entertainment company produces, distributes and markets Christian and Inspirational Films within and throughout the global Christian community via radio, television, magazine, special events and internet multi-media. For more information on Amen Films, log on to: www.AmenFilms.com. 

About HP4 Digital Works:
Fueled with a new divine purpose and hope, Christopher Martin is Executive Director of Amen Films, and Founder and CEO of HP4 Digital Works and Solutions. Ready to use a 20 year plus experience in the entertainment business, HP4 Digital Works and Solutions is a production company that provides service for digital motion picture projects. From pre-production to post production for television, cable and, or theatrical presentations Hp4 Digital Works and Solutions can help an artist and, or company through consultation and hands-on service from A to Z. For more information on Christopher Martin and HP4 Digital Works, log on to: www.Hp4DigitalWorks.com

 About Maverick Entertainment Group Inc. (MEG):
A leader in the domestic home video arena, MEG specializes in the production, acquisition and distribution of niche films. Founder and President Doug Schwab is a 26-year veteran in the film and distribution industry. He has cemented the eight -year-old company as the leading entity for these fast growing markets with over 400 films distributed in the U.S. under the labels Maverick Platinum, Latino, Creep FX, Fusion, Spirit and Maverick Entertainment.

MEG’s films can be found on the shelves of all of the major video stores and retail outlets such as Blockbuster, Wal-Mart, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery, Best Buy and Circuit City to name just a few. Maverick Entertainment’s goal continues to be to produce and package diverse motion pictures for domestic distribution, offering over 50 films per year.  For more information log on to the Maverick Entertainment Group (MEG) website at: www.MaverickEntertainment.cc