"GospelEngine.com...The Gospel Zone, 24Gospel.com & CoolChristianFriends.Com Integrate To Provide Free Web/Banner Ads For Artists, Labels, Organizations, Ministries, Individuals For A 30-Day Trial Period And Thereafter Enabling Continuous Advertisers To Name Their Own Price After Seeing Actual Banner Ad Click-Thru and Impressions Statistics"
May 20, 2008. [Atlanta/Oakland/Nashville].  GospelEngine.com...TheGospelZone,  a rapidly growing global interactive community serving as a key A&R portal for media (radio (djs), print, tv) and Aficionados of Inspirational music, video and news impacting: Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Jazz Gospel, Gospel Reggae, Holy Hip Hop and Christian Rock genres, announced today that, together with CoolChristianFriends.com (a leading Christian Lifestyle Social Networking Community (alternative to MySpace) and 24Gospel.com (a leading Christian Lifestyle Social Networking Alternative to YouTube), "Free Web/Banner Ads" to all approved Individuals, Artists, Labels, Businesses and Organizations (Text & Video)
This 30-Day Free Advertising Program will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis and all that has to be done to apply to participate in this offer is to sign-up at GospelEngine.com (click "Free Advertising" link); or via the following link by clicking here: Free Advertising or copy/paste the following link in your web-browser: http://www.gospelengine.com/index.php?t=advertising
Note: The Types of Ads will be standard display ads, as well as Video Positioning (for advertisers with music videos) via a special program implemented via 24Gospel.com.
"We all know that the economy is tough now, but this is not a time for our community to turn inward and digress in fear, but instead it is a time to reach out and to help each other grow and move to greater heights while the world trembles and is paralyzed with trepidation. 
Yes, what you are reading above is 100% true, approved organizations, businesses, artists and labels will be provided Free Web/Banner Ads (Text & Video) that will be visible simultaneously on all of the three following websites: GospelEngine.com, CoolChristianFriends.com and 24Gospel.com.  This is similar to the free advertising program featured last year by GospelEngine and TheGospelZone in cooperation with CoolChristianFriends.com.
All ads (text and video) will be considered; and at the conclusion of each 30-day trial period for each individual advertiser, the advertiser will be provided a report detailing the number of web/banner ad impressions and click-thrus; and each advertiser will be then afforded an opportunity to name their own monthly advertising price for consideration and acceptance as a creative step to align actual/real results with what can be afforded or budgeted by the advertiser for maximum return on investment," said Curtis Jermany.
Watch Mr. Del - U Can Do It Too Video on: 24Gospel, Click here: Mr. Del: U Can Do It Too  
For more information, go to: www.GospelEngine.com, www.24Gospel.com  or www.CoolChristianFriends.com

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