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Welcome to Holy Hip Hop. Our Mission is to Take the Gospel to the Streets through the global proliferation of Spiritually-Enlightening Holy Hip Hop Ministry, Music & Entertainment Glorifying the LORD.  We appreciate you visiting us. Thank you for your Prayers and Support. May GOD Bless you always.
Psalms 146:10

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  Holy Hip Hop, Vol. 16 (Vol. 16)


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Retail Stores Supporting Holy Hip Hop Ministers of the Gospel: Berean Christian Stores, Family Christian Stores, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Lifeway Christian Stores, and select Independent Christian BookStores and Record Shops. Additionally, the following Internet Stores will also have these albums available for purchase by the community, that prefers to shop via the web, world-wide (24/7): ChristianBook.com, BarnesandNoble.com, MusiChristian.com and more (To View Complete Retail List for Holy Hip Hop: Taking the Gospel to the Streets CD Compilation Series, Click here). Also, be sure to try your local independent general market or Christian recordstore or bookstore, as over 50-100 small independent stores also support Holy Hip Hop Ministers of the Gospel worldwide. To locate a Christian BookStore (which you can call before you buy), which may also carry Holy Hip Hop Music: Click here.

To Report CD Out-of-Stock In A Store Near You, (1) Tell The Store Manager; (2)  Email:storefinder(@)holyhiphop.com  (3) To View Complete CD Retail List for Holy Hip Hop CD Compilation Series, Click here (Store-Finder Link) or (4) Call Toll-Free (24/7): 1-877-388-2951 - please provide: Store Name, City, State, Zip Code and Store Number for follow-up purposes.

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EMI Gospel, a division of EMI CMG, is a global leader in the production, marketing and distribution of the best in Gospel music (including but not limited to: Kierra 'Kiki' Sheard, Smokie Norful, Bishop Eddie Long, Myron Butler and more).

About EMI CMG: Billboard Magazine's annual Top Christian Music Distributor since 1995, EMI CMG Distribution was founded in 1994 to serve as the main distribution outlet for EMI CMG's owned and distributed labels to the US Christian and general retail marketplace, and the international Christian marketplace.  Awards given to EMI CMG Distribution include CBA Supplier of the Year 1998, 1999 & 2002, CBA Customer Service & Distribution Award 1998-2002 and CBA Impact Award 1998 & 1999. EMI CMG Distribution is a division of EMI CMG, which is a unit of EMI Music EMI Music is the third largest recorded music company in the world operating directly in 50 countries. EMI Music represents more than 1,000 artists spanning all musical tastes and genres.

Holy Hip Hop Music, distributed world-wide by EMI Gospel, committed to consistently adhere to the following three (3) principles: (1) Provide Affordable Music; (2) Provide Music of Sound Production Quality; and (3) Provide Music that is Inspiring and Enlightening to the Heart, grounded in Christian Ministry First, and devoid of obscenities and innuendo harmful to children, youth, adults, the community and interests of mass media, in general.